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Complete kit of 10 paint pens - see Fig.1 below - only $34.95 with free shipping in the US! You get 10 pens, 3 funnels and 3 syringes to fill them easily and neatly, and 10 additional tips with a chisel point (not shown in photo) for straight line work!
A complete kit of 10 paint pens, and funnels to fill them, and syringes to make diluting precise and easy.
Everything you need to make your own paint pump pens.

Paint pens you can fill with your paint

Imagine being able to have paint pens that you can make yourself . . . to be able to make your own paint pen with your paint and the exact colors, tones, shades and tints to make your art project POP.  With PPP brand empty paint pens you can.

16 Cool things to do with a paint pen - even better when YOU pick the exact color!
Paint just like this. Picking your own paint colors and making a paint pen is easy.


Make unique Christmas ornaments and cards.
Decorate your backpack. Write on ceramics before or after firing.
Pinstripe your skate, snow or surf board. Make faux stained glass.
Use them in scrap booking. Fill it with gun barrel bluing and touch up nicks and scratches.
Draw on denim clothing. Do precision auto detailing; just fill one with cleaner or polish.
Make custom colors for touching up your white-wall tires. Fill with custom wood stain and touch up scratches in your cabinet, counter tops, and floors.
Use MEK solvent to clean off excess putty when you replace a window pane. Fill the empty paint pen with 91% isopropyl alcohol from the drugstore for solder flux removal on printed circuit boards.
Touch up or paint picture frames with just the right color. Fill the paint pen with conductive metallic paint for circuit board repair.
Save the remainder paint when you get your car painted and make an EXACT match auto touch-up refillable paint pen. Clean delicate jewelry and silver plate; the stiff white tip is ideal for getting into tight spots.

Our paint pens are made of aluminum and are great for acrylic paints, water colors, alcohol based paints, latex and more.  They are easy to fill and easy to use.  The chisel tips give you a nice flat line of about 1/3rd of an inch in width, and if you turn them on edge you get a line as fine as 1/20th of an inch.

Not only do our empty pen barrels work well with paints, they are great for stains and furniture touch up and graining inks as well.  They are ideally suited for low viscosity liquids like stains, and allow a very precise and neat application with no brushes to wash and minimal if any cleanup.

With what kind of paint can I fill my empty paint pen?

I have had customers report good results in filling their paint pens with acrylic paint, automotive lacquer and enamel, latex paint, alcohol based paint, and water color paint solutions.  Any paint with a viscosity equal to or perhaps just slightly above that of water will work well with these pump valve paint pens.

To use these as a latex paint marker you will definitely need to thin the latex. One of my customers was good enough to send me some notes and comments on using his refillable paint pen for walls that were painted with latex.  Check there for a photo of his job and some details about use.

How to make your own paint pen

The first thing I would do would be to lay out all my supplies so everything is close at hand.  Make sure you have your ink or paint, a syringe to fill your paint pen, a clean-up cloth, and of course, the empty paint pen.  Check our how to make my refillable paint pen page.

After opening the container, use the syringe to draw up 10cc of paint or ink.  Holding the empty paint pen in one hand inject the fluid into the paint pen barrel.  If you wish you may add another 2 or 3 ccs of liquid.  The barrels hold right around 15ccs but I have found the best results leaving a bit of empty space at the top.

Carefully insert the conical whitish-grey valve into the top of the barrel and press down firmly until it is seated completely.  Then take the conical white threaded nib holder (also called the neck) and screw it firmly onto the barrel.  Insert the nib with the round flat part going into the holder. 

Important step:  While holding the filled paint pen upright press down for a moment on the nib (tip).  This allows the air pressure inside the pen to equalize with the air pressure in the atmosphere.  When you inserted the valve into the barrel you compressed the air inside a bit, and if not bled out in this manner, the first time you use the pen you may get a glut or blob of paint at the tip, forced out by the uneven pressure.

How to use your refillable paint pen

When the pen is first filled the felt nib is dry.  The operation of the pen is based on the valve which seals the barrel opening.  When the nib presses inward on the center of the valve, an element of the valve is pushed away from slots in the side of the valve, allowing paint to flow from the barrel into the nib, where it is wicked from the base to the painting tip.

To use your pen for the first time, hold it against a piece of scrap paper at a 45 degree angle and press the tip firmly into the pen.  You may need to hold it there for a minute or two the first time the nib is used to achieve saturation of the nib with paint.

From that point on, use the paint pen as you would a regular marker, and when you notice the tip of the nib getting dry, or the paint flowing poorly, press in on the nib for a moment to allow more paint to flow into the nib.  You will very quickly get the hang of this and in no time will be painting like an old pro.

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