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Some common questions about your refillable paint pen

Applications for:

Refillable paint pens and markers - the best way to apply without dilution paints, coatings, solvents, any sort of liquid with a viscosity approximately that of water or less; thicker paints may require some dilution to flow properly but work just fine once the correct ratio of paint to water or solvent is determined.

Our empty paint pump pen refillable markers give you the ability to customize your own colors and provide you with a way to have the specific shades and tints right at hand without any further fuss or effort.


These aluminum refillable paint pens markers are light weight, resistive to almost all fluids (I have used them with paint of various types, indelible marker ink, nail polish remover, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, xylene, MEK, screen printing solvents, etc).

The depression of the nib presses down on a spring loaded valve in the marker, allowing fluid to flow into the nib. Releasing the nib allows the valve to shut and stop the flow of fluid. The repeated pressing of the nib, allowing the fluid to re-soak the nib, is why these are also sometimes called pump pens.

You may find that your application requires different nibs; there are several manufacturers of nibs in the US that should have the proper nibs for your use. The nibs  that I offer here come from Spartan Felt; you could also try Porex or Bacon Felt in NH.

These easy to fill refillable paint pen markers are ideal for touch up paint, craft projects, personalizing a vast number of items, furniture stain, automotive paint, cosmetics of the proper viscosity, or any other fluid that needs to be dispensed neatly and precisely in a way that preserves the balance of the fluid and protects it from spillage and evaporation.

I can arrange complete assembly, filling and labeling for this marker in quantities over 25,000 should that be of interest to you. The barrels can be easily labeled with an automated or manual process, and they can also be screen printed. Just drop me a line at sales@paintpenpeople.com

Paint Pen FAQ and Troubleshooting

How does a paint pen work?

Just tip the pen, put the nib on the surface to be used and gently press down on the tip of the pen. The patented internal valve releases the liquid to the nib and it flows onto the surface.

By varying the pressure on the nib and the duration of the push you quickly learn to control the flow of the liquid to meet your needs. The durable firm nib allows for writing, pinpoint application, and even broad strokes in the application of your liquid.

My paint pen takes too long for the paint to wet the tip:

If you are using a thick paint such as acrylic or latex, it may be necessary to dilute the paint a bit for better flow through the valve and the nib. I have done some checking and when acrylic gloss artist paint is used in the paint pen, and mixture of between 3 and 4.5 parts of paint to one part water seems to give a nice compromise between ease of paint flow and uniformity of coverage.

Sometimes there is a blob or bubble of paint at the tip of my refillable paint pen and it messes up my work:

When you press the nib down onto the work to allow the paint in the paint pen to replenish the tip of the nib, be careful not to keep the nib depressed too long. It takes time for the paint coming through the valve to soak into the nib, and if there is too much paint coming out of the paint pen at once it runs down the outer surface of the nib and pools at the tip.

What is the best way to fill my paint pen?

If you are using a thin liquid such as a stain, an alcohol based paint, or a similar liquid, it is easy to use a syringe to draw up the liquid from the original container and inject it into the pen. For thicker paints such as acrylic and latex, a small funnel makes pouring the paint into the paint pen easier and neater.

Dimensions - approximate and subject to change without notice

Barrel Length Marker Length NO CAP Marker Length w/ Cap Barrel O.D. NIB DIAM. Nib Length Nib
at edge
4.35 in.

5.00 in.

5.80 in.

0.60 in. 0.175 in. /4.45mm 1.00 inches / 25.58mm 3mm

Completely assembled paint pens

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