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If you need a bigger tip than these markers have, buy a paint brush!

15mm by 6mm square tip markers are ideal for lettering

Big rectangular tip 15mm wide makes this marker ideal for large areas.
This wide tip marker that uses your own paint, stain, or ink is ideal for coloring large areas.
The tips on these markers are 6/10 of an inch wide - ideal for large art projects, touchup work on counters walls and cabinets, outdoor writing on large surfaces, anywhere that you need to paint or mark a large area fast.

Know at a glance when to fill your paint pen. These rugged plastic barrel paint pens are easy to fill, so you can make your own custom color pen.

The fine tip is ideal for precision drawing, lettering, and small scratch and ding touchup on kitchen cabinets, counters, and other painted or stained surfaces.

How many 15MM markers do you need?

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Monster 30mm square tip markers

The large tip refillable markers are ideal for painting or staining large areas.
With a huge paint area of 30mm these markers are great for staining kitchen cabinets and counters.

These markers have great paint capcity for large jobs; they hold almost 1ounce of paint ink or stain.

These are ideal general purpose refillable paint pens that you make and fill yourself, with your own paint. A quick pump down on the tip, with the pen in the drawing position (tip down) releases fluid from the body into the tip for use.

Great for inks, stains, paints, liquid chalk and dozens of other uses. The markers and the 15mm tipped ones include everything you need, including mixing balls for a smoother blend of your paints, inks or stains.

How many 30MM markers do you need?

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